Resources on Care Economy

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    Care economy

    ILO calls for urgent action to prevent looming global care crisis

    28 June 2018

    New ILO report highlights inadequate policy responses to the rising demand and quantifies the extent of the care burden on women.

  2. News

    ILO hosts partners meeting on cooperative responses to advancing public health

    28 May 2018

    ILO hosts partners meeting to discuss the next steps on research exploring the potential of cooperatives to advance public health in Cameroon and Kenya.

  3. News

    Discussing next steps toward advancing universal health coverage through cooperatives

    26 April 2018

    During the Geneva Health Forum in April 2018, the research findings on the potential of cooperatives in advancing universal health coverage were presented to discuss next steps with a range of stakeholders.

  4. News

    A step taken toward a common social cooperative framework in Turkey

    28 March 2018

    ILO representative joined a conference toward creating a common legal and institutional framework for emerging social cooperatives in Turkey.

  5. Maternity Protection

    Peru ratifies the Maternity Protection Convention (No. 183)

    19 May 2016