Papers and briefs

  1. Research Department Working Paper n°40

    What drives old age work in China?

    Carla Henry, Federico Fraga and Tang Yu

  2. Research Department Working Paper n°39

    Workfare programs and their delivery system: Effectiveness of Construyendo Perú

    Verónica Escudero

  3. Research Department Working Paper n°38

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring determinants and complementarities

    Guillaume Delautre and Bruno Dante Abriata

  4. Research Department Working Paper n°37

    Better together: Active and passive labour market policies in developed and developing economies

    Clemente Pignatti and Eva Van Belle

Recent research projects

  1. Asia-Pacific Employment and Social Outlook 2018

    Working poverty, informality and vulnerable employment are amongst the persistent challenges of Asia-Pacific labour markets according to a new ILO report. The report calls for coordinated policies to promote decent work as the link to translate economic growth into sustainable development in the region.

  2. Labour Market Inventory ASEAN 2010-15: Labour market policy in an age of increasing economic integration

    The third inventory analyses the labour market policies implemented by ASEAN Member States and some of their main trading partners between 2010 and 2015. It also studies the role that ASEAN level initiatives have shaped labour market policy at the country level, and the extent to which those policies helped narrow some of the decent work gaps in the region. It is the result of the collaboration between the ILO and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

  3. Compendium of Labour Market Policies

    Discover the distribution of labour market policies in Latin America

  1. ILO Century Project

    The Century Project aims to expand and share historical knowledge on the world of work and on the ILO's role in changing political and economic circumstances

  2. International Labour Review

    Global multidisciplinary journal of employment and social issues